Message from the Group Chairman

Message from the Group Chairman

LCI, as we like to be known, carried out a corporate restructure when it sold it’s house building division and changed it’s name to Lowe Clothing International in 2013. Our vision is to create a larger group of clothing businesses specialising in the various product categories that the subsidiary companies operate in. We will aim to achieve superior returns by leveraging the group resources – such as sourcing, financial and technical development to name a few – where a lot of these processes would be missed or outsourced (at considerable cost) in some of our competitor organisations, whilst managing to keep our cost prices competitive.

The diversity and history of what the Group has been involved in since the start of some of it’s subsidiaries (some date back as far back as 1896) has been amazing and truly inspirational and I look forward to taking the group forward whilst understanding the challenges we are all facing in our day to day activities.

Our new website was launched this month and we are busy updating various group websites with the aim to provide more information to both our current customers and suppliers as well as prospective ones.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our current staff, customers and suppliers for supporting us now and in the coming years whilst we are embarking on an exciting journey.

Jonathan Lowe

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